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Building, Planning & Zoning


Oakfield Township requires a permit to be obtained prior to the construction of any structure, building, fence, or any other activity that will affect the landscape of the township. Permit applications must be submitted to Oakfield Township or mailed to PCI. Contact PCI to make sure you have the appropriate permits in place before beginning any construction.


All building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections are performed by Professional Code Inspections (PCI).


Professional Code Inspections (PCI) out of Dorr, Michigan handles all of our building and zoning permits and inspections.
PCI Phone: 616-877-2000​​​

  • Applications for permits can be dropped off at the Oakfield Township office or mailed to:


1575 142nd Ave.

Dorr, MI 49323

  • Fees can be paid with a check made out to Oakfield Township or in cash.

Building Inspector's Hours in Oakfield Township Office

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am-10:30 am

Building Permits

Contact Information
  • Mike Ford, Building Inspector


  • Dan VanDyke, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector


  • Luke Bosscher, Electrical Inspector


  • Kirk Scharphorn Jr., Zoning Official


  • Lori Castello, Zoning Official


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